Saturday, June 19, 2010

No Apology Necessary

Just like he used TARP as an opportunity to cater to the populist, anti-business sentiment by publicly berating bankers, Obama has seized upon the Deep Water Horizon tragedy to look like he "kicked ass" by calling in BP execs and extorting $20 billion from the company even as the spill, the damage and the confusion continue virtually unabated.

Of course, Rep. Barton was absolutely crucified for apologizing to a BP exec for Obama's Gestapo tactics. Indeed, with the administration's help. BP and its management have become so demonized that anything that even gets close to rational discussion of the situation is enough to get you tarred and feathered. Though Rep. Barton's original message certainly could have and should have been clearer, and he shouldn't have offered the lame apology, his point definitely is valid. It WAS a shakedown, pure and simple.
Obama politics as usual.

Great article on it here


  1. You know Lloyd, my man.. as a self-avowed RINO you sure align yourself quite often with the likes of folks far to the right of RINOs - like Barton.

    Last I heard, about 80% of most Americans, which likely includes 100% of all RINOs ...did NOT consider this a shakedown.

    Most of what I read here could not be characterized as the blatherings of a RINO.

    How about a little truth in advertising?

    Can you really be a Tea Party guy and a RINO at the same time?

    How about identifying the 3 top RINOs you support?

  2. Larry,

    First of all, I am who I am. And I am conservative, but not in vein of the radical social conservatives. If I see idiocy on either side of the aisle, I'll call it out. Just so happens that the left side of the aisle is so much better stocked in that regard.

    Second,if you want to play numbers, take a look at the 59% of Americans who disapprove of Obama's handling of the crisis. And to give you on quick example as to why, how about the complete lack of coordination/prioritization with the Coast Guard that turned around skimming ships because they didn't have enough life vests? Unlike the capping of the spill, that is nothing but the government's fault. Expect Obama's numbers to continue to plummet because of missteps like that.

    And you're flat out wrong on your 80% of Americans "did not consider this a shakedown." In fact, if there's any truth to the number, it's that the survey was asking whether a fund was a good idea - not the method by which it was established. See here, for example.

    This IS a shakedown, and it effectively deprives BP of due process rights. As Barrone said, Obama is as much a thug as Vladimir Putin. Only Putin was more effective.

  3. but Lloyd.. I understand your point of view. I'm asking if it is representative of what most of us know are RINOs?

    I know the hard-right narrative of Obama and the the oil spill and the BP "shake-down" but I was not aware that this narrative was also coming from RINOs.

    so I did ask you to name the RINOs...

    both the RINOs who agree with the narrative you agree with...

    and RINOs in general that you consider noteworthy RINO leaders.

    I'm trying to calibrate who you say you are.

  4. In other words... WHO are the most prominent RINOS in Congress and is their view that this is a shakedown?

  5. Frankly, Larry, I am who I am. And I don't know or care who agrees with me because I know I'm right.

    I don't label myself a RINO, but I'm not afraid of being so labeled because, like I said, I just don't care what others think of me.

  6. Lloyd - I was only going by what you have on your blog:

    " The short answer is that the rhinoceros ties back to the RINOs that extremists label moderate Republicans, apparently in mockery. I, on the other hand, embrace the label, and, hence, my symbol. "Always right, but not always right."

    that's how I got the idea you viewed yourself as a RINO....

    was I wrong?

  7. I just don't care if someone calls me a rino.

  8. GEEZE Lloyd... why would ANYONE call you a RINO when your views are clearly way, way to the right of your average RINO?


    is that wishful thinking on your part such that you won't be found out as a Limbaugh/Beck wannabie?