Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Herring Mailer

I received yesterday a "legislative update" from state senator Mark Herring touting the 10 of 17 bills he introduced that became law.  Thinking that most of these bills were probably recognition of things like the second anniversary of Velocity Five (which I very much like), I was surprised to see, after checking the list of bills for which we has the chief patron, that the bills were, in fact, substantive and his numbers were fairly accurate.  Of course, there were several fluff senate resolutions he sponsored, too, but there really weren't too many of them.  The success on those bills, coupled with his appointment by Governor McDonnell to the Technology Working Group panel, will make him a formidable opponent for any Republican challenger.

And for those Dick Black and Patricia Philllips fans, here are a couple other Herring figures that might interest you:

Number of plastic fetuses mailed to fellow senators:  0
Number of Harry Potter books sought to be banned:  0


  1. So are you supporting Herring or the Republican

  2. I'm hoping to support an electable Republican. I hope Spike fit the bill (as I know Black and Phillips do not), but I haven't met him yet.