Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oh, God!

As if the Democratic National Convention wasn’t a disaster enough, trying to put lipstick on the pig that is the Obama presidency, the Democrats just can’t quite get it together on bringing “God” into their party.

To recap, first, the Democrats pull the word “God” from their platform, to the delight of atheists everywhere. Then, rightfully, the rest of America delivers them an extra large dose of crap for it. Cowering to the pressure, President Teleprompter supposedly directs them to put it back in. Unfortunately for Barry, though, he doesn’t quite carry the weight he thinks he does (even in his own party and even at his nomination) when the motion from the floor to add it back in couldn’t gather the required 2/3 vote for passage – even after the chair called the vote several times.

What’s worst of all is how Chairman Villagrosa blatantly ignored the obvious majority vote AGAINST the amendment and approved it anyway. Simply shocking.

Maybe the Republicans’ perennial accusation of Democratic voting fraud is legit. Heck, they’re doing it at their own convention, no less!!

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