Saturday, June 9, 2012

Three Robocalls Make for One Easy Choice – George Allen

Yesterday, I received three recorded messages from the campaigns of the three candidates for U.S. Senate.

  • Susan Allen left a message on behalf of George Allen. Very polished, professional and positive. Exactly what I have come to expect of her – even if George can be more folksy.

  • Bob Marshall left a message urging me to vote for him, citing, as one reason, his successful effort to scuttle the nomination of “a gay, liberal, activist judge” (note that he makes the same claim on his website, but leaves out the “gay” tag. An interesting difference, I thought).

  • Jeff Frederick and another former RPV chairman left a message in support of Jamie Radtke. As if the messenger wasn’t enough of a loser, Frederick offered a losing message in trying to question Allen’s conservative bona fides. Epic failure like the rest of her campaign.

As brief as these calls were, they were perfectly emblematic of the respective campaigns: Susan Allen has been a great vote getter for George, Marshall has been pandering to the extreme right, and Radtke just doesn’t have it going on at all. It all makes for an even easier decision come Tuesday. Aside from being the best of the three, Allen had the nomination locked up from day one, which is why I expect him to garner at least 70% of the vote. The unity and enthusiasm reflected in such a result undoubtedly will generate even greater momentum for the campaign and draw more independent support for George.

And it’s also sure to scare the crap out of Tim Kaine.

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