Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Delgaudio Plagiarizing?

In an email blast yesterday, Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio called the Metro the “Death Star of Debt.”

Hmmm. Now where have I heard that Death Star reference before?

Relevant portion of email below the fold.


All the financing options being discussed are dependent on increased taxes for somebody or everybody. There is no federal money for this. Zero.

To say “yes” to Metro would mean “yes” to whatever costs come down the line for construction, operating funds and minimum expected safety improvements and upgrades which have gone unfunded for 30 years!

With Sterling homeowners having to pay all the costs if financing has not been worked out and we, you and I, would be the “backstop” when landowners say “no way” or five new supervisors decide raising property taxes is simpler. I hope you tell the b o s what you think (yes or no) at bos@loudoun.gov

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