Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Phone Company By Any Other Name . . .

is still the phone company.

Here's a recent story that would make Ernestine proud.

For Mother’s Day, my gift to the War Department was to be a new iphone.  After suffering through a crappy Samsung for almost two years, not to mention two c-sections, I figure she’s earned one.  Her renewal with Verizon Wireless  was due on June 1, so I asked the Verizon Wireless store to allow me the upgrade price two weeks early so I could surprise her on  Mother’s Day.

But nooo.  Request denied.  I even went to a couple different Verizon Wireless stores, but got the same answer: full price $650 instead of the $200 upgrade price, even after the explanation yada yada.   I could not believe just how poor the customer service was.   All for a matter of two weeks.

Then it all came back to me.  Verizon is still very much the “phone company” of old, right down to Ernestine’s famous tag line,  “We don’t care.  We don’t have to.  We're the phone company.”

Happy Flippin Mother's Day, Veriz

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