Monday, May 14, 2012

It is NOT the Supreme Court, Bob!

For chrissakes, Del. Bob Marshall is opposing a nominee for a General District Court judgeship  for no reason other than the nominee is gay.  Keep in mind that the nominee is a 12 year veteran prosecutor, was nominated by fellow Republican Del. Manoli Loupassi, and is in Loupassi's words, "absolutely well qualified."

Now, also keep in mind that the General District Court decides such weighty issues as traffic tickets, simple assaults and other People's Court-type stuff.  Look, unless your defense to a speeding ticket is that you were late to a pedicure, the fact that a district court judge is gay isn't never going to make a difference. (That's my attempt at Modern Family-style humor, by the way)

Psst.  I think I just saw Marshall and Delgaudio sharing an appletini.  Just sayin'  . . .

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