Monday, May 21, 2012

900 Republicans Now Ineligible for Public Office

Remember all of a week ago how the House Republicans, particularly Del. Bob Marshall, declared that "activists" were unfit for public office because they harbor their own sinister agenda and simply can't be trusted to uphold the Constitution?

Turns out, ladies and gentlemen, they walk among us.  Yessir, right here in Loudoun County.  That starts with L and rhymes with Hell.  And . . .  well . . . that's as far as I've gotten. (Have to throw in a reference to a Broadway musical given the recent comments, you know).

The point is that I'm sure am glad I didn't go to the 10th CD convention yesterday because  I would have been labeled one of those *gasp* ACTIVISTS.   And by none other than new 10th CD chairman John Whitbeck who had this to say about the convention and those with nothing better to do in their lives on a beautiful Saturday that spend it cooped up in a high school auditorium:

"A great day that saw over 900 activists from across the 10th coming together at Tuscarora High School"

Good, God!!  Activists!!  Filthy activists! Sorry, folks, but you're all now ineligible to hold any public post at any level according to certain members of the Virginia House of Delegates.

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