Sunday, March 4, 2012

Was the Sun in His Eyes?

The General Assembly this week approved a bill that would allow homeowners to install solar panels on their homes despite the express terms of the contracts they entered into with other homeowners when they bought their houses (aka the HOA bylaws). In addition to abrogating these contracts among homeowners, the bill is completely antithetical to the idea of majority rule. Simply put, HOAs shouldn’t be forced to allow these panels, or any such aesthetic monstrosity, if the majority considers the aesthetic or economic impact unacceptable. Glad to see that Dels. Tom Rust and Joe May opposed it, albeit unsuccessfully.

On the Senate side, Sen. Dick Black voted against it, too, though his recorded vote was a little funny: “Senator Black stated that he voted yea on the question of the passage of S.B. 627, whereas he intended to vote nay.”

Must have been that glare off Chap Petersen’s 30′ x 30′ solar panel that caused him to hit the wrong button.

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