Friday, March 2, 2012

To Rejoin or Not to Rejoin. Is It Really a Question?

After virtually every Loudoun County Republican Committee meeting, I’d come home and regale the War Department with stories of the ridiculous childishness and self-importance that had dominated the meeting. Every time, I’d get, in a genuinely perplexed kind of tone, “Then why do you keep going to those things?”

The answer I’ve given lately is that the LCRC meeting are always good for a snarky blog post or two. Beyond that, however, I’ve had a difficult time finding where the two hours I’d spend there actually made my life, or the lives of others, any better. And when I consider the time away from the Nukes (and the price I pay for that), it becomes even more difficult to justify.

As such, when I received the email yesterday announcing the LCRC’s annual meeting where I’d have to renew my membership, I had to pause and really give it some thought. As has been written elsewhere, the pettiness and sheer insanity of the organization has become just mind-bottling (yes, bottling).

All that makes me think that, perhaps, it’s time to pass on the meetings and just go straight to the big kids’ table at Tuskies for a few beers instead.

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