Saturday, October 15, 2011

Who the Heck Is Kathleen Murphy And Why Would I Care What She Says About Barbara Comstock?

I received a mailer today from the Pamela Danner campaign featuring  a quote from Kathleen Murphy in which she claims Delegate Barbara Comstock "voted to criminalize abortion and charge women and their doctors as felons."  Knowing that Murphy's characterization of the votes was disingenuous at best, I looked more closely at the piece to find out something about Ms. Murphy.

Oddly enough, there was no reference to Murphy's background on the piece - front or back.  So I Googled her and Google Images'd her, too.  Nothing really came up.  She's certainly not the Kathleen Murphy of Fidelity Investments.  And she certainly doesn't look like the Kathleen Murphy who's an intern for the Virginia Democratic Party.

But wait a minute.  Hmmm.  The DPV created and paid for the piece.  Would the DPV actually quote an intern but throw a picture of a more mature lady on one of Danner's hit mails?!  I'm getting the distinct impression that such is the case.   Slea-zy.  I feel sorry for the poor intern who has been so manipulated by the DPV.

At any rate, such pitiful tactics simply show that the Danner campaign is officially in its death throes.


  1. Kathleen Murphy is Comstock's opponent in the Virginia delegate you idiot.