Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Crap, The Downfall of Western Civilization is All My Fault By Lloyd

Apparently, I need to check my spam folder more often.

Sandwiched between a notice of my winning £7.500.000 and a promotion for free organic Viagra was an equally important message from Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio advertising a fundraiser last Friday.  In it, he sternly warned, “Tyranny and Socialism will win if you don’t come Friday night.”  The message went on with dire predictions of rationed electricity and even rationed butter.   And you know if Eugene said it, it must be true.

I am so sorry everyone, but I didn’t get the message until today so I wasn’t able to attend.    Oh, the guilt of now having the sole blame for destroying America is almost too much to live with! In fact, I’m so sorry you can even have my butter ration to make up for it.

The full buffoonery is below the fold

Dear Sterling American,

Tyranny and Socialism will win if you do not come Friday night. Thank you to those of you who have responded, Friday’s event will be a fantastic success only if you come.

Thank you to those of you who have donated before or as part of this event.
(The event is Friday, October 7, 6 p.m., Santini’s Restaurant, Under the Clocktower, opposite Burlington Coat Factory in Sterling, right off Route 7)

It is not enough. I am worried.

I hope Congressman Frank Wolf, Former Governor George Allen and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli will not be embarrassed by low turnout and better financial support

I am sorry but due to Congressman Wolf there is a limit of $2500 and no corporate donations. I believe that is not a hardship for most of you. For those of you who can, please tell me you are coming.
Or send the $25 ASAP. Or accept the top limit and send $2500. It all adds up.
Mail it to Friends of Delgaudio, P. O. Box 1222 Sterling Va. 20167. Thank you.
Let’s not disappoint Frank Wolf, George Allen and Ken Cuccinelli. Are they backing a winner?

Only you can make that happen.

Again, thank you to those who have responded. We have a good gathering as it is. Let’s make it a larger group by the rest of you deciding to come.

I know you are busy. I know it has turned cold and rainy. But think about how bad things will get if Tyranny and Socialism, respectively, take over this Board of Supervisors.

Think about rationed fuel or electricity. Think about rationed butter due to the “fat content”. Think about limiting the area you can plant trees or bushes–planned to be prohibited by the current board. Think about the bankrupt philosophy that drives the tax rate, that you don’t need all that money.

I will not list the incidents around the country where violent protests led by unions in state after state have shocked Wisconsin, Minnesota, and now Washington State.

Instead allow me to note: since I last wrote you– over the weekend– Seven hundred protesters on Wall STreet have been arrested trying to close down America’s free market, “stop the rich bankers”, as they demand Barrack Obama’s re-election.

Thousands of Socialist-wanta-bees demand an end to free enterprise on the streets of Manhattan.

And an aging American comedian, Roseann Barr, running for U.S. President demands on TV “Behead Bankers, Rich who won’t give up wealth.”

(Wolf has confirmed, Allen visited previously, Cuccinelli sends regrets).
Friends of Eugene Delgaudio (a campaign committee sponsored site) (e-mail address)
***Paid for and authorized by Friends of Delgaudio

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