Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Debbie Rose Announces Run for School Board

Debbie Rose, former counsel to the House Judiciary and active member of the Loudoun Republican Committee, announced at last night's LCRC meeting that she would seek the new Algonkian seat on the Loudoun County School Board.

The race will be an interesting one, particularly because redistricting has placed two current incumbents, Joe Guzman and John Stevens, in that same district. Neither of these incumbents, however, has made clear that he would seek reelection, and, as you know, the seat is technically non-partisan so there won't be any primary.

Regardless of what the other guys do, Rose is the one to beat. Bright, honest and extremely dedicated to educational causes, Rose has one even greater advantage - people genuinely like her. (Take a look at the ton of positive Facebook responses to her announcment in the first few hours). And, rest assured, she'll actually attend the school board meetings.

Rose is the latest in a set of very strong Republicans to announce their candidacies for local offices. Not to jinx it, but things are looking pretty good for the Republicans so far (even considering the selection of a convention).

Her website is here:

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