Tuesday, May 3, 2011

CNN Asks, "Is It Morally Right to Celebrate the Death of Bin Laden?"

As expected, CNN has attempted to cast doubt on recent our military action.  And while metaphysical debat may raise complex issues, the answer, from a practical perspective is clear:  Yes.

One could quote biblical passages on either side of the question all day long, so I suggest you just look to common sense as a guide.  Bin Laden was evil incarnate.  By his death, Americans are safer and all mankind is better off.  Why not celebrate?  Yes, he was a human being, but so were Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot. Each was a scourge, and by their death the human condition was improved.  Consider Bin Laden's death simply one small victory in the battle between good and evil, and feel free to celebrate without reservation. 

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  1. friendly amendment - "Is it morally right to claim you are a Christian an Celebrate the death of others even if killers"?

    Do Christians get together to hold pep rallies outside of prisons when the death penalty is carried out?