Tuesday, August 3, 2010

South Carolina Again Proving Itself the Wackiest Political Scene in the Country

Ah, yes, the poetry of South Carolina politics.

Chapter One:  Gov. Sanford slips off to South America to see his mistress, not telling anyone where he had gone.

Chapter Two:  Gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley called a "f***ing raghead" by a fellow Republican and state senator speaking in a live webcast.

Chapter Three:  Alvin Greene, a political nobody and welfare recipient, wins the Democratic U.S. Senate nomination without running any kind of campaign

And, now, Chapter Four, and the latest chapter in the story of Republicans eating their own: two local Republican parties designate their two-term  Republican U.S. senator persona non grata. because he's just not conservative enough for them.

 As someone at Too Conservative said about South Carolina, "Too small to be a nation.  Too big to be a lunatic asylum."

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