Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Reluctant "Maybe" on Jack Ryan

I supported Lori Waters in her race against Jack Ryan for Broad Run supervisor, and I had some bad feeling when Mr. Ryan failed in his bid for the Republican nomination and ran as an independent. I still seriously question his integrity given that maneuver alone.

However, he did step up and volunteer for the Broad Run district chairmanship when no one else would take it. No one. Moreover, it’s not as if he orchestrated his election as Broad Run chair through deception and outrights lies (cough, cough, Sugarland Run). Mr. Ryan jumped in when no one else wanted the job and, at least nominally, is willing to sacrifice time and effort to lead the Republican cause in Broad Run. Indeed, he volunteered to take the chairmanship cognizant of inevitable personal attacks given his history with Loudoun politics. As such, part of me has a newfound respect for Mr. Ryan and believes he should be given a fair opportunity for redemption.

After reading his posts and those of others, though, the other part of me is slapping the back of my head saying, “Grow up knucklehead! Don’t be so na├»ve.” He sold out the party and disregarded his pledge to support the Republican nominee. That much is hard to ignore. Why wouldn’t he do that again – and this time, from a position of greater “power?”

Just call me Sybil.


  1. We can always hope for the best, but past behavior is usually the best indicator of future behavior. Be wary.

  2. Yeah. Agreed on that.

  3. You'll see, too, that I changed the title from a "definite" maybe to a "reluctant" maybe to better reflect my sentiment.