Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Harry Reid, Do You Hear Footsteps?

With the shocking win by a Republican in Massachusetts senatorial race, Harry Reid must be even more concerned. In fact, check out these poll numbers from Rasmussen. Reid would lose to any of the top three Republican candidates in a two way race. He's toast!

Can't wait!


  1. I agree that HR is in it for himself, doing whatever he sees fit to save his butt, even resorting to the tactics that he railed against in the past years. His true racist nature came out recently when he spoke before his handlers could salve over his caustic remarks. He is unfit for public service, unfortunately we'll be paying his bills for some time.

  2. His polling numbers continue to plumment. Even more severely than Daschle, Reid will feel the anger of the entire American public at the institution that is the United States Congress.