Monday, February 27, 2012

Thank You, Democrats, for Keeping the Republican Party from Complete Self-Destruction

Oh, the latest hypocrisy of those social ” conservatives.” On the one hand, they argue that medically unnecessary vaginal probes are not unduly invasive, and, on the other, object to mandatory vaccinations against a virus that killed 4,000 women last year. Thank goodness reason was again able to sneak back into the General Assembly today, and the bill to repeal the HPV vaccine requirement was tabled.

Indeed, it’s the Democrats who have repeatedly saved Republicans from completely self-destructing over social issues this session. If it hadn’t been for them, and a few “turncoat” Republicans, we’d have medically unnecessary vaginal ultrasounds and pregnant women (who don’t even know they’re pregnant) qualifying for the carpool lane, to name just a few. In other words, we’d be an even bigger laughing stock. So, on behalf of the rest of the Republican party and its candidates who suffer as a result of such antics, thank you, Virginia Democrats, for keeping the GA Republicans from completely screwing us over.

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