Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Rich SHOULD Pay Their Fair Share

The most recent tax proposal from President Teleprompter reminded me of  last Halloween when I had the opportunity to explain taxes to the Nukes in a way they could  readily appreciate.  My nine-year old, after having scoured the neighborhood in the cold for 3 hours, came home with a sack full of candy she could barely carry.  My six year old, not quite as into it at this age, strolled around for about an hour and came home early with about 50 pieces.

As we were counting the candy at he end of the evening, I told the nine year old that, as my “Daddy Tax” (a fee generally imposed only for opening juice boxes), I was not only going to eat more of her candy than that of her sister, but a lot more.  In fact, I was going to take 100 pieces of her 300-piece haul, but take only 6 from her sister.  On top of that, I might even take some of what I got from big sis and just give it to little sis.

Now, she had worked hard for that candy, sprinting from house to house and dragging around her pillow case across frosty lawns all the while here sister remained comfortably in front of the fire watching an episode of “Sponge Bob” she had seen 17 times before.  At any rate, the gross disparity between the level of effort and the contribution to Big Daddy prompted the nine-year old to exclaim in disgust,

“That’s not fair!

You’re right, Sweetie.  It’s not.  Not at all.

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