Monday, December 5, 2011

Senate Dems Need to Just "Get Over It"

As reported in the Post, The Richmond Times-Dispatch and elsewhere, Senator McEachin filed suit today in Richmond City Circuit Court challenging the authority of the Lieutenant Governor to vote on senate rules.
What those other outlets don't show you, however, is the basis of McEachin's complaint because, if they did, it would show how ridiculous the Dems are acting.

The Dem's case is based on a fatally flawed reading of the the following provision of the Constitution of Virginia

Section 7. Organization of General Assembly.
The House of Delegates shall choose its own Speaker; and, in the absence of the Lieutenant Governor, or when he shall exercise the office of Governor, the Senate shall choose from its own body a president pro tempore. Each house shall select its officers and settle its rules of procedure.
. . .
From any fair reading of it, the LG has, in the event of a tie, the same authority to vote on rules  as he would to vote on legislation.  The LG, as the president of the senate,  is a member of the body for just those purposes. Pretty clear, and just as clearly a lame attempt to save face by whining senate Democrats.  As the RPV said, it's time for the senate Democrats to admit defeat and get over it.

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