Tuesday, December 6, 2011

As I predicted (as well as welcomed with open arms) just over a year ago, the Republican capture of the House of Representatives has effectively stalled the advance of the socialist policies championed by Mr. Obama and the former Democratic supermajority in Congress. While the Washington Post and other media outlets decry the gridlock, I'm thrilled by it - particularly considering what we had seen in the two years leading up to it. Trillions in new spending, disastrous welfare programs opposed by most Americans, worthless stimulus programs, bankrupt auto and energy bailouts, and stifling over-regulation of financial services to name just a few of nightmares brought upon the American people by an arrogant, unchecked liberal government.

Indeed, with any luck, the next election cycle will allow us to reverse some of the damage done inflicted in the first two years of his administration. Until then, gridlock is our best friend.

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