Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fun With The Black Brigade

Dick Black’s higher visibility, particularly in handing out and collecting endorsements, has not translated into cash for either him or his endorsed candidates.  The most recent campaign finance reports show Black’s opponent, Prince William County Supervisor John Stirrup, outraised Mr. Black handily this year and has 30% more cash on hand.  Stirrup has $81,000 in the bank, having raised $75,000 this year.  Black, on the other hand, has about $60,000 on hand and has raised $51,000.

 Things are going even worse for those candidates whom Black has endorsed.  In the two northern Virginia House of Delegate races where he has endorsed a Republican candidate, Black’s candidate lags behind in fundraising.  Woefully behind.

*  In the 10th House of Delegate race, Black-endorsed John Whitbeck with $31,000 on hand is simply getting creamed by Randy Minchew with his $111,000 (one of the GA fundraising leaders, by the way).

*  In the 87th House of Delegates race, Jo-Ann Chase has a meager $15,000 on hand compared to David Ramadan’s $60,000.

Of course, there could be many reasons for these differences, but the fact is that the Black endorsement is not translating into money for his candidates, and could very well be bringing them down.  All in all, it’s looking like August will be black for the Black Brigade.

Cue the cacophony of radical Black supporters.

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