Monday, June 13, 2011

Minchew’s Broad Base of Support

Yesterday, Bill and Jeannie Stoltesz hosted a fantastic event at their home in Leesburg in honor of Randy Minchew, candidate for House of Delegates for the 10th District. Randy, as a long-time Loudoun County Republican and true “Southern gentlemen,” has built a broad, committed base of supporters as indicated by the more than 100 people in attendance including Del. Tag Greason who, before Randy had announced his intention to run, had endorsed Randy’s opponent in the primary, John Whitbeck. Also showing their support were Republican candidate for sheriff Mike Chapman and the man he seeks to unseat, independent Sheriff Steve Simpson, along with Treasurer Roger Zurn, Clerk of the Court Gary Clemens, Commissioner of the Revenue Bob Wertz and Leesburg councilman Ken Reid.

While Minchew’s campaign is in high gear and appealing to a diverse set of Republicans, Whitbeck’s campaign seems to be stuck in the mud over the Openband issue and drawing support primarily from the more extreme elements of the local party. Should be in an interesting summer.

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