Monday, June 6, 2011

Caren Merrick and the Travesty That Is the 31st State Senate District

Caren Merrick
Caren Merrick went door to door this past weekend in the orphaned Loudoun County precincts of the new 31st state senate district (you know, the district concentrated in Arlington but gerrymandering all the way to eastern Loudoun - the one that Dick Black ran from). Merrick, an extremely impressive candidate overall, also holds a credential I personally find among the most important: substantial and successful real-life business experience.

The odds are against her, however, given the heavily Democratic Arlington precincts, and I fear that one of the best Republican candidates in this year's races may be wasted. The best hope she has, as well as the best hope for the few Loudouners thrown into this district, is the objection of the Department of Justice to this ridiculously carved district. And, believe it or not, there’s a decent shot at that. The configuration of this particular district clearly runs afoul of DOJ redistricting regulations in that it ignores stated redistricting criteria such as compactness and “displays a configuration that inexplicably disregards available natural or artificial boundaries.”

Come on, DOJ, show us that the Voting Rights Act really means something and reject the plan.

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