Sunday, September 19, 2010

Buckley Bows Out

In a noisy exit in which she expressed her clear disdain for the local political process, Susan Buckley announced this week that she will not seek a second term on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. Of course, if you have to deal with the likes of Stevens Miller and Eugene Delguadio, you’d quit, too.

Buckley certainly would have been a formidable candidate for reelection; she had great constituent service and definitely carried the appearance of a professional and intelligent politician (not to mention, she beat the pants of Mick Staton last time). Despite the loss of her professionalism and civility, it’s a welcomed development. Twice she disingenuously voted against property tax increases, stating that she did so because the increases weren’t HIGH enough.

Her departure leaves a golden opportunity for Republicans to pick up a seat on the board in the traditionally conservative Sugarland Run district. However, given that the Republicans are on track to nominate a polarizing extremist through an insular convention process, don’t expect to put this one in the “win’ column.

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