Saturday, November 21, 2009


Putting aside, for a moment, petty distractions like the health care debate and the floundering economy, I'd like to focus on something of utmost importance - college football. And, more specifically, let's focus on this big tub of goo. I normally try to avoid personal attacks, but Mark Mangino deserves everything anyone throws at him.

His personal attacks on his players (like telling players they would end up back in the ghetto from whence they came or that one player would end up a drunk like his father) are unforgivable. And he doesn't deny saying those things either, claiming that he was set up by people simply seeking fame.

Keep in mind that these are teenage college students, struggling to make better lives for themselves. Granted, football coaches are traditionally tough on players to "take them down before building them up," but Mangino's actions crossed the line - by a long shot. Remarks like those do nothing to motivate a player, unless you want to count motivating a player to ring his fat neck.

Kansas should fire the jerk immediately - and "for cause" so he forfeits any buy-out clause. Let's see how it responds.

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