Monday, February 21, 2011

Where Does Ron Speakman Really Live?

In a recent comment on Too Conservative, Amy Kelly, a paid campaign advisor for Ron Speakman said in defending a charge Ron Speakman's claimed residence in Leesburg, “Ron has a Leesburg residence that he has owned for over 25 years, and from which he files both Federal and Virginia taxes.”  Mr. Speakman's website similarly states he is a "26 year resident of Loudoun County."

The statements, at best, are misleading.  The clear implication from those statements is that he's a long time Loudouner, but note that neither statement actually says he's lived here continuously for that period.  In fact, Mr. Speakman owns a residence in Potomac, Maryland, and it is that Maryland address he used in reporting political contributions made in 2000.

Although I don’t expect a candidate's family to have lived in his district since the Revolution, I do expect unquestionable honesty from any candidate, especially when he's seeking the position of the county’s top law enforcement officer.  Frankly, after what we’ve already seen with Sheriff Simpson, we simply cannot risk a sheriffwho is anything but a "straight shooter" (pardon the pun).  From what I've seen so far, we don't have that in Mr. Speakman.

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