Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Middle of the End for Leesburg Today

The beginning of the end for local newspaper Leesburg Today was its sale to Plano, TX-based American Community Newspapers in 2006.  Then came ACN's own bankruptcy.  This latest chapter begins with the announcement today that ACN has put L2Day and its sister publications on the auction block.

It's been a solid local paper, providing just the kind of coverage of high school sports, Brownie promotions and parades that helps give Loudoun a small town feel despite its burgeoning population.  Sadly, though, with the way things are going for print journalism today, I fear the next chapter in this story will be its obituary.

As much as I like to dance on the grave of failed liberal newspapers, I certainly don't feel at all that way about L2Day.  And, despite my own prediction, I sincerely hope ACN finds the right buyer..

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